Couch Cleaning

Which Types of Couches Are Difficult to Clean at Home

The couch is not just a luxurious piece of furniture, but it is also where you spend most of the time at home. Thus, it is necessary to get a comfortable couch. Many people focus more on getting comfort and appearance while buying a couch. But, what is equally important to check is how easy […]


How to Care for a Woven Fabric Couch?

Couch is one of the most used furniture in the house which also makes it ugly pretty often. Furthermore, if you have a couch with woven fabric, then it gets dirty faster as pollutants can get stuck in some parts of it. Couch is quite expensive and thus it is not possible to change it […]


Effective Homemade Remedies for Couch Cleaning

Couch upholstery or sofa cleaning is a tough process. Regular vacuuming is needed and so does the regular dusting. However, sometimes, there are stains, spills, and some other types of the mess that you need to get rid of. In this case, you can use cost-effective homemade remedies for Couch cleaning. 1. Upholstery Couch Cleaning […]


Eco Friendly And Non Toxic Couch Cleaning Process

Upholstery cleaning is a basic need of all houses and offices and that is why it is necessary to know about different facts related to upholstery cleaners and the cleaning process. To extend the life and revitalize the beauty of any upholstered furniture, it is necessary to use green aka natural upholstery cleaners. For each […]


How To Clean Spilled Water Stain From A Couch?

Couch aka Sofa is used regularly in offices and houses and that’s why they easily get dirty. As it is used by the guests as well, it has to look tidy. Thus, couch cleaning needs to be on the top of your cleaning list. Today, we will talk about dealing with water spilling on the […]


How Long Does It Take for Couch to Dry After Cleaning?

The couch is an important piece in any house. It gives comfort to work and have some relaxation both; and that is why all members spend a lot of time on the couch. It also results in more spills and dirt on the couch. Generally, people perform couch cleaning daily with the vacuum cleaner, but […]


DIY | Quick and Easy Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch Cleaning is very important to remove the dirt and stains from regular wear and tear. Couch Steam cleaning is a very efficient and good choice for cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Regular steam cleaning will also help in extending the life of your couches and sofa sets. Steam cleaning technology uses steam generated with […]


4 Ways To Get Couch Cleaning Done Without A Steam Cleaner

Do you know that you do not need heavy machinery to get your deep couch cleaning done. You need no heavy machinery, nor even a steam couch cleaner. There are a number of alternative tools and methods that you can use to get rid of dirt, allergens, hair from pets, food crumbs and othe dirt […]

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