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Everyone likes a clean and beautiful living room decked with comfy high quality furniture, right? But, whether it is your three seater living room sofa or couches spread around or the floor carpets, all of them need regular cleaning to look gorgeous and beautiful the same way. Obviously, maintaining a clean atmosphere requires cleaning of the upholstery on a regular basis. This is were Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne can help you.

Most Sought Upholstery Cleaners Melbourne

At Tom’s Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne whole cleaning job is handled by our dedicated team of cleaning technicians who are skilled, experienced and equipped enough to handle cleaning tasks and required procedures for upholstery. We help you getting results that really beat your expectations with high quality cleaning. Our motto is to get fresh new look to making them free from any unpleasant odours, in every respect you would be happy with our cleaning service.

How It Works?

We employ the most time tested and industry recognised procedures to ensure optimum results.

Here’s how it works:

Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is a procedure that requires administering a special solution to the upholstery and thereafter finding them to remove the moisture along with the deep seated dirt. Further, involves a hot water extraction machine which is equipped with other equipments ensuring an efficient and faster cleaning service. This procedure normally needs 4 to 6 hours for the upholstery to dry and become usable again. We provide most well equipped professional service for upholstery steam cleaning in Melbourne.

Dry Cleaning:

We are also one of the most sought after services for upholstery dry cleaning Melbourne. This procedure involves using dry solvents and bonnet rotary machine. The rotary brushes administer the cleaning agent on the upholstery fibres and thus they are dry-cleaned. It is particularly suitable and recommended for delicate fabric that need soft cleaning.

Leather Cleaning (Dining Chair Cleaning):

If you need best upholstery cleaner for dining room chairs, Tom’s upholstery cleaning Melbourne is your perfect choice. We handle both leather and fabric upholstered furniture. Leather upholstery requires more careful cleaning to maintain the lustre of the material. A special leather cleaning solution is used and soft brushes along with cotton clothes do the rest for cleaning leather upholstery.

Besides all these standard cleaning procedures, we recommend you to opt for our fabric protection which with a little additional cost can help you protect and maintain your upholstery fabric.

Fabric Cleaning

Caring about upholstery fabric Melbourne, Tom’s Cleaning is the most preferred cleaning service company. Besides ensuring top notch cleaning service we also take extreme care of your upholstery fabric and take all measures to prevent any harm and staining of it. We do everything to give a fresh breath to your upholstery fabric and make it look beautiful, refreshed and spotlessly clean.

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