How Long Does It Take for Couch to Dry After Cleaning?

Dry After Cleaning

The couch is an important piece in any house. It gives comfort to work and have some relaxation both; and that is why all members spend a lot of time on the couch. It also results in more spills and dirt on the couch. Generally, people perform couch cleaning daily with the vacuum cleaner, but the professional couch dry cleaning is necessary on a regular time interval. The professional couch cleaners follow the best practices and suitable cleaning materials according to your couch fabric so all dust and stubborn stains get removed from the couch without hurting its fabric. The professional couch dry cleaning will make your couch cleaner and hygienic as well as extends its life and make it look new again.

How The Professional Cleaners Perform The Couch Cleaning

The process begins with the lukewarm water to clean the surface first. Then, the professional couch cleaners use the cleaning chemical or soap based on the fabric of your couch and coats the fabric with the mixture of this cleaner and water. They gently rub the stains and clean the whole couch. After the whole cleaning process, the couch will be rinsed with the clean water. This process may get repeated if the couch has stubborn stains. In the end, they will thoroughly rinse the couch to remove the cleaning solution and dust completely.

As you must have assumed this process will leave your couch wet.

Generally, it takes somewhere around eight to twelve hours to get back the couch in completely dry and ready to use state. Some professional couch cleaning services include a drying process in which the cleaning staff brings oscillating fans or small box fans. They put these fans on and will also switch on your ceiling fans to get the airflow blowing. This will get your couch dry within four to six hours.

If you haven’t bought the couch dry cleaning service or if your cleaning service provider hasn’t performed any job to get your couch dry, you can do it on your own. Switch on the fans and turns on the heat. You can also open the window or put the couch under the open sun if weather permits to get it dry faster.

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