4 Ways To Get Couch Cleaning Done Without A Steam Cleaner

Couch Cleaning Without a Steam Cleaner

Do you know that you do not need heavy machinery to get your deep couch cleaning done. You need no heavy machinery, nor even a steam couch cleaner. There are a number of alternative tools and methods that you can use to get rid of dirt, allergens, hair from pets, food crumbs and othe dirt from your couch. This method will also help you to make the cushions and other surfaces of your couch odourless.

Here are a few ways that can give you the cleanest of couches without using any methods like steam couch cleaning that require heavy machinery like steam cleaner.

How To Clean A Couch Without A Steam Cleaner

Just Give It a Wash

Curl your cushion up in a ball and just give it a wash in a washing machine to clean this is more preferable for small couch cushions. Then dry them thoroughly, because the trapped moisture can cause mildew. If possible add a fabric softener too.

You Don’t Have to Wash it All

If all you find a blotch or a speckle, you can simply spot-clean it with any cleaning product. Use an enzymatic cleaner on stubborn stains. This will save you both resources, hardwork and time.

Scrub it Out

If you do not have some spots and you need to clean an entire couch thoroughly, get a scrubber brush, or any couch cleaning cleaner, and water. Spray the surface with the upholstery with water and couch cleaning solution, scrub and rinse.

Use an Extracting Device

You can also use a dust extractor to clean your couch. Wet the couch and spray it thoroughly, add detergent or any soap with the water you are spraying. Now suck the moisture out of the fabric.

So there are as mentioned above many ways to get your couch cleaning done without using a steam couch cleaner, but to save yourself from all these hassle you can also reach out to Professional Couch Cleaning Melbourne services.

It is good to use professional upholstery cleaning services from a reliable company at a regular interval. Call us at 1300 068 194 to get same day, on-site couch cleaning services.

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