How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs At Home In 9 Steps

A majority of people use pure wooden chairs for a dining table set, but there are many who love upholstered furniture everywhere, including, dining area. This is the most dangerous part of putting upholstery furniture as the spill of food, milk, and other types of liquid are obvious and frequent. These spills convert into stains […]


DIY Hacks To Get Old Oil Stains Out From Upholstery Furniture

Oil stains are really hard to remove from the upholstery of furniture, especially, old oil stains. This will surprise many of you, but the fact is furniture upholstery is susceptible to oil. Even without spilling oil on the furniture, it can get dirty and stubborn oil stains because it can rub it off from our […]


DIY | Quick and Easy Couch Steam Cleaning

Couch Cleaning is very important to remove the dirt and stains from regular wear and tear. Couch Steam cleaning is a very efficient and good choice for cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Regular steam cleaning will also help in extending the life of your couches and sofa sets. Steam cleaning technology uses steam generated with […]


4 Steps to Remove Water Stains From Upholstery Fabric

Isn’t it hard to believe that water can stain stuff? Water — the solvent we use to remove many stains can cause stains itself! These stains could be from the minerals in water, dirt in the upholstery or carpet. These stains nonetheless can be removed. Surprisingly, these stains can be removed by water only. Here’s […]

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