How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs At Home In 9 Steps

Fabric Dining Chairs

A majority of people use pure wooden chairs for a dining table set, but there are many who love upholstered furniture everywhere, including, dining area. This is the most dangerous part of putting upholstery furniture as the spill of food, milk, and other types of liquid are obvious and frequent. These spills convert into stains and they also reduce the life of the furniture. If you have kids, they make it even messy by using the same hands that are covered with food to move chairs close to and far from the table. All these make the fabric dining chairs cleaning process tough. Normal cleaning may not be enough and will make your chairs look ugly.

Does it mean you should not use upholstered furniture in the dining area? No. Fret not. Here is a practical tip to perform dining chair cleaning that will help you clean fabric dining chairs.

How To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs At Home

Ingredients To Clean Fabric Dining Chairs:

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A dark spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Hot water
  • A bowl
  • Steam cleaning tool

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process For Fabric Dining Chairs:

  • Take a bowl and add hot water to it. Mix some drops of liquid soap in it and mix it gently.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and wet it in the liquid
  • Scrub the area that you want to clean. You can scrub the whole chair to make it wet if you want to clean the whole chair. However, if you want to clean only a spot, then you need to be careful about not having any solid edges at the end of the spot to be cleaned.
  • Take a spray bottle with dark sides and add hydrogen peroxide in it because direct light can break down in the direct light.
  • Spray hydrogen peroxide on the affected area to be cleaned openhandedly.
  • Let the liquid sit for 10 minutes. This time can vary from fabric to fabric. Thus, it is important to check the caution warning to clean the fabric dining chair.
  • Take a clean and dry microfiber cloth or a scrub brush to clean the chair and the liquid on it.
  • Now it is time to perform steam dining chair cleaning. For this run a steam cleaning machine on the chair in the grid like manner on the entire area. Steam cleaning will remove all dirt and debris as well as different types of spots and stains from the fabric.
  • Now leave it to dry.

Regular Maintenance Tips

In addition to cleaning techniques, provide maintenance tips tailored to fabric types:

  • Vacuuming: Encourage regular vacuuming with the appropriate attachment to prevent dirt accumulation, adjusting the frequency based on the fabric’s vulnerability to dirt and debris.
  • Immediate Attention to Spills: Emphasize the importance of immediate action, with specific tips for blotting and treating spills based on the upholstery material.

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You will see an amazing result after this whole process of cleaning fabric dining chairs.

You must clean the dining chairs with fabric more frequently than other upholstery materials you may have in your house. However, it includes steam cleaning and you need to be very careful about it. If you are not really confident doing the same, you better call experienced technicians from Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne. They will perform fabric-friendly dining chair cleaning for your fabric chairs. For more details, call on 1300 068 194.

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