How To Clean Fabric Sofa?

How To Clean Fabric Sofa? 28 Feb

Has your sofa upholstery been looking drab, dull or simply tired? We think it is time for you to get some sofa upholstery cleaning done. We suggest that one should get their sofa and other furniture fabric cleaned once a year if not in two. The times you get your sofa or upholstery fabric washed should be more frequent if the household has any pets or kids, or anyone having any breathing problems since the fine sofa fabric could collect a lot of dust, hair and microscopic particles catalyzing the breathing problems or simply sicken the kids.

We recommend you look for certification by International Cleaning and Restoration Association or International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration to assure yourself before getting a certified cleaner. Also, before booking a professional check their ICRA or IICR registration number, just to be sure.

How To Clean Fabric Sofa Stains At Home?


If you are not opting for any in-house fabric sofa cleaning services and want to clean your sofa upholstery on your own here the following are the things you need to keep in mind.

  1. You need to look for any user manual that must have come along with your furniture to not let some irreparable damage done to your upholstery.
  2. Look for tags and see what instruction they bare. You’ll generally find these four symbols and here is what they mean

W — You can clean this material using water.

S — No water. You’ll need to purchase a special solvent-based cleaner.

WS — You can use water or a solvent-based cleaner on this sofa.

X — Vacuum only.

These tags know what is best for your clean fabric sofa or any upholstery in that case and it is advisable to not to deviate from them.

  1. Tags W and X are self explanatory .Given under are two methods you can use to wash your stained sofa fabric. It is important to note that these methods are for the tags W and WS only.

For sofa upholstery the cleaning you can either use a commercially available make your own organic, chemical-free sofa fabric cleaner from scratch, straight from the kitchen.

How To Remove Stains From Fabric Sofa?

Clean Fabric Sofa Using Soap And Water

  • Vacuum the sofa fabric upholstery clean so to not rub and rotate the dirt while cleaning couch or sofa.
  • Mix ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup lukewarm water and 1 tbsp any liquid dish soap.
  • Pour the mixture into a spraying container.
  • Sprinkle it all over the fabric, keeping 15 cms of distance between the fabric and the spraying container.
  • Scrub and Wipe after the fabric has been moistened until the stain lifts. Use a light colored microfiber cloth for this. Microfiber works the best in collecting the dirt and light-color so to know the amount of dirt you’re collecting from what places and weather a part of your sofa upholstery is clean.
  • Now use another microfiber cloth moistened with only water to remove the soap.
  • Dry under the fans, best case scenario let the sofa fabric soak some sunlight.

Clean Fabric Sofa Using Steam

  • First of all, check on a not so apparent part of your sofa fabric weather the steam is doing no harm to it. Once you know the fabric of your sofa and steam go well together you may need the following tips.
  • Vacuum the sofa before and after getting steamed. The initial vacuum will suck in al the surface particles and after the steam all the particles that surface from the heat will be taken by the vacuum.
  • Generally steam cleaners use microfiber fabric to help pick up miniscule debris. You’ll want to swap them with new ones as you clean to pick up the maximum amount of dirt.
  • Let your sofa fabric dry up under the fan or better yet soak in under sunlight.


  1. So we hope that you get your sofa fabric cleaned just fine and make them as lively as they could get. To pamper your furniture and yourself you can end your cleaning spree with with a disinfectant, and aromatize your sofa fabric with your favorite fragrance. You’re all ready now to binge watch your favorite sitcoms or just snuggle in with a good read.


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