Which Types of Couches Are Difficult to Clean at Home

Which Types of Couches Are Difficult to Clean at Home

The couch is not just a luxurious piece of furniture, but it is also where you spend most of the time at home. Thus, it is necessary to get a comfortable couch. Many people focus more on getting comfort and appearance while buying a couch. But, what is equally important to check is how easy or difficult upholstery cleaning Melbourne is!

Even if you are going to use professional couch cleaning services, the service might get expensive because of fabric that is difficult to clean. The good thing is the best couch cleaning service providers will have the required equipment to deep clean it. But, it would become a nightmare for you to clean it at home.

In this article, we will share the top three types of couches that are very difficult to clean at home, so be cautious while choosing a couch.

1. Velvet Couch

  • The most stylish range of sofa is available in velvet fabric. Of course, they are expensive, too.
  • Velvet couches look attractive and therefore, are considered as a style statement by many.
  • The fact is, it is one of the most difficult upholstery fabrics to clean according to the best couch cleaning service providers.
  • Dirt and dust can easily linger with velvet. Moreover, pet hair gets embedded with the fabric of this type of couch.
  • Regular cleaning cannot restore its original clean look.
  • Moreover, this type of couch fabric gets discoloured very fast and gets permanently damaged with the wrong DIY upholstery cleaning Melbourne.
  • Thus, it is really difficult to clean the velvet sofa at home and needs a professional assistant.

2. Suede Couch

  • It is another couch material that gives great looks to a living room and thus, attracts many homeowners to buy it.
  • The caution here is, this fabric prohibits the use of any type of liquid, including water. This makes it really hard to clean with any regular method of upholstery cleaning Melbourne.
  • This fabric also prohibits the use of regular cleaning solutions like detergent or dish soap, which makes it difficult to clean at home with regular cleaning hacks.
  • You have to use professional couch cleaning services from the best couch cleaning service provider to clean this type of couch.

3. Leather Couch

  • It is one more popular type of couch for people who like a classy look in their living rooms.
  • It needs way more care and maintenance than any other type of couch fabric.
  • Many people have a myth that leather upholstery cleaning Melbourne is easy, but the fact is completely opposite to that.
  • It needs proper conditioning along with cleaning.
  • Leather can get discoloured really fast and can also get faded with the wrong cleaning methods.
  • Food and beverages can get stuck and make it difficult to remove immediately. This may leave stubborn stains on the couch.
  • You need the best couch cleaning service to clean leather couches.

These types of couches are difficult to clean. Contact Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne.

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