Remove Candle Wax Spills from Your Upholstery Effectively

Remove Candle Wax Spills from Your Upholstery Effectively

Candles are an important piece of decor in houses in Melbourne. The shapes and aroma of candles have made them part of almost all houses. The downside of using candles in the home is a wax spill on upholstery.

Candle wax cannot be removed by simple vacuum cleaning. Naive upholstery cleaning can damage your expensive upholstered furniture. Therefore, be cautious while dealing with a wax spill on your upholstery.

Here are some upholstery cleaning methods that can help you remove candle wax spills without damaging your upholstered furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Method:

Items Required:

  • Ice cubes
  • Plastic bag
  • Butter knife
  • Iron
  • Paper towel

How to Get Candle Wax Spills Out of Your Carpet?

Wax Removal:

  • The first step is to keep calm. Do not panic and start rubbing or scrapping off the wax. You may spread it more this way.
  • If you see hot wax spills immediately, wait for it to get dry. Unlike carpet cleaning or other upholstery cleaning methods to remove stains, here you should not act immediately.
  • Once candle wax is completely dry, take a plastic bag and add some ice cubes into it.
  • Put the ice bag on the affected area for one to two minutes. It will make upholstery cleaning in Melbourne easier.
  • Take a butter knife and scrape off the wax from the upholstery. Be attentive to make sure you don’t tear the fabric.

Candle Wax Residue Removal:

  • The next step of upholstery cleaning to remove residues of candle wax involves an iron heat up to the medium setting.
  • Take a cloth and place it over the affected area and start ironing. This will transfer the melted wax from the upholstery to the placed cloth. You can also use a paper bag because even after washing the wax may stay on the cloth.

Wax Stain Removal:

The last step of upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to completely remove the candle wax involves a stain removal hack. If the upholstery has any visible or subtle stains of wax, the following steps will remove them.

  • Take upholstery cleaning solution and spray it on the affected area.
  • Let it sit and work for a while.
  • Take paper towels and blot the area to remove the stains completely.

Cleaning Method 2:

  • Follow to wax removal steps to scrape off the wax from the upholstery using an ice bag.
  • Instead of iron, use a hairdryer to melt candle wax and transfer it to the towel or paper bag.
  • Spray some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and scrub the area to lift the candle wax residue. You can also use WD-40 to clean the wax residues for effective upholstery cleaning.

Please note,

  • Check whether you can use iron on the fabric or not before using an iron.
  • Check if you can use WD-40 or rubbing alcohol in the upholstery cleaning process. You can also perform spot testing before applying them directly if the manufacturer’s warning does not show the required information.

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