How to Get Rid of Common Stains from Upholstery?

Common Stain

Stains on upholstered furniture are common. Professional upholstery stain removal service can effectively remove all stains from the upholstery. However, not every time, you want to invest in professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to remove the stains.

In this blog, we will share some common stain types and effective upholstery cleaning guides to remove those stains completely.

1. Food Stains

  • The most common cause of stains on upholstered furniture is food stains.
  • If you are present when food in any form is spilled on the upholstery, quickly take it off with the white paper towels. Solid food should be lifted up and liquid or semi-liquid needs to be blotted with the paper towels. It will clean it from the surface and stop it from spreading.

DIY Hack

If you see food stains on the upholstery as if it has already stained it, then use this upholstery cleaning method:

  • Mix white vinegar, baking soda, and washing powder.
  • Apply the cleaning mixture to the stained area thoroughly.
  • Take a brush or scrub to scrap of the stain. Be gentle to make sure you do not damage the upholstery.
  • After this process, spray clean water on the affected area and blot it with a clean towel.
  • Let it dry.

2. Bloodstain

  • For any reason, if you get bloodstain on the upholstery, then the first step is to soak up as much blood from the surface as you can. Even if you are going to use an upholstery stain removal service from a professional, you must absorb excess blood.
  • If you are not going to use professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, then follow the below-mentioned steps:
    • Damp a clean cloth and put it over the stained area so the stains don’t settle down into the upholstery.
    • Take a spray bottle and add soapy water into it.
    • Spray the cleaning solution on the stained area to moisten it.
    • Blot it with a microfibre cloth.
    • Repeat the process until the bloodstain is cleaned completely.
    • After stain cleaning, take another clean cloth and moisten it in cold water. Use it to remove the soap from the upholstery.
    • Absorb water using another dry cloth.
    • Let upholstery dries out completely.

3. Nail Paint Stains

  • Use a spoon and scrape off the nail paint without letting it spread to a larger area.
  • Take a cotton pad and damp it into the nail paint remover. Blot the stained area with this damped cotton pad.
  • Take a clean cloth to absorb the nail paint remover. It will also lift up the stains from your upholstered furniture.
  • Spray clean water to remove the residue of the cleaning solution. Blot dry the area using paper towels.

In one or two rounds of the aforementioned upholstery cleaning guides, the common stain will be removed. If it doesn’t, then you must invest in a professional upholstery stain removal service.

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