Time to Be Ready for MOULD 2019

MOULD 2019

Australians always love festivals and events. Also, Australians love food and drinks. What else Australians love? Cheese! Young and old; hard and soft; all Australians love cheese and that’s the reason for the past 2 years the MOULD event is one of the most successful events in Melbourne.

What is MOULD Event?

It is a cheese festival, which takes place in North Melbourne. Every year, tens of cheesemakers come to one place and showcase different types of cheese. This artisan program includes different types of cheese as well as food items made of cheese and some drinks to make it all fun.

MOULD Event 2019 Details

For the past 2 years, it has proven itself as one of the most successful events in North Melbourne. This year as well, MOULD 2019: the biggest cheese event will take place in North Melbourne. This event is going to be conducted on 16th of August 2019. The event is organized by Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese Co. in collaboration with REVEL.

This time the MOULD will have 12+ producers in this event. All these producers will showcase more than 50 types of cheese. It means the cheese festival of the year going to be really cheesy. That is not it! It will also have a food program for its guests. As a guest, you can taste all these types of cheese and food items. The event will also have different types of wine, beer, whiskey, cider, sake and other types of drinks for its guests.

The tickets are available for interested people. When you buy a ticket, you do not only get an entry pass, but you also get an opportunity to taste all different types of cheese, food items, and drinks for free. Please keep in mind, it is only about tasting, not eat and drink until you are full. However, you can buy cheese and drinks for yourself and for yourself.

This cheese festival is really popular in Australia and often people from different cities in Australia come to be part of this cheese festival. Not only these, but some international guests often come for a tour to Melbourne to be part of this one of the most popular events. If you live in Melbourne, you can expect some guests coming home to be part of this event and also to visit you during the trip. Make sure you have a clean and odour free house.

What Should We Do?

You should invest in professional upholstery cleaning service. Also, you must give extra emphasis to the mattress and couch cleaning so when guests come to your house, you are ready to welcome them. You can also be part of this event and bring friends home after the event if your upholstery is clean and clear. To get a professional upholstery cleaning service, give us a call on +61 1300 068 194

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