How To Keep Upholstery Clean After Professionally Cleaned?

How To Keep Upholstery Clean After Professionally Cleaned

The best way of keeping upholstered furniture neat and clean is to hire professionals to your upholstery cleaning services.. The professional services not only make upholstery crystal clear and hygienic, but it also rejuvenates its beauty like a brand new piece of furniture. Moreover, professional upholstery cleaning services also extend the life of furniture and save your money from buying expensive furniture again. Professional cleaning of upholstery gives great results for sure. However, you might not want to use professional services too often to keep your budget in control.

To help you keep the beauty and cleanliness of your upholstery furniture intact after a professional cleaning, here are some of the best tips for you:

4 Tips To Keep Upholstery Clean After Professional Cleaning

1. Get covers for the armrest and slip:

These parts of any upholstery get dirty faster for all the obvious reasons. These are high use areas and thus, it absorbs oil, dirt, dead skin cells, etc., which make it dirty quickly. Getting beautiful covers for them can help you keep them clean for a long time after using professional upholstery cleaning services. You can wash covers more easily than cleaning upholstery on your own.

2. Apply scotchgard on the upholstery:

This is a great protector for your upholstery furniture. It works as an invisible cover or plastic layer on your furniture and safeguards the furniture from dirt, oil, dead cells, etc. This is very effective, but make sure to take the advice of your upholstery cleaning company to choose the Scotchgard. It is necessary to choose and use the fabric-friendly solution for your upholstery.

3. Clean upholstery regularly:

If you use your upholstered furniture regularly, it will get dirty quite sooner. However, you can prevent it from accumulating piles of dirt, which will make it look ugly and spread bad odour in some cases. You should make regular upholstery cleaning part of your routine. If you cannot clean your upholstery furniture daily, you should clean it every alternate day or at least once a week. Simple vacuuming or dust buster would be sufficient for most upholstered furniture.

4. Act on the spills quickly:

The biggest enemy of the beauty of your upholstery is stain. Thus, before a spill transformed itself into a stubborn stain, act quickly. You can find many DIY hacks to remove stains from your upholstery, which gives the same results as professional upholstery cleaning. You can use those hacks to keep your furniture clean.

These are the top four ways that will help you preserve the results of professional upholstery cleaning services for a longer time. By following these tips you can definitely keep your upholstery look as beautiful as it was right after the professional services. However, you cannot preserve these results forever. Keep in mind these are not an alternative to professional services. It is good to use professional upholstery cleaning services from a reliable company at a regular interval.

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