How To Eliminate Allergy Triggers in Your Home

Allergy Triggers

Many people suffer from different allergies such as dust, dirt, food, etc. If you or someone in your family has an allergy from dust, dirt, bacteria, mould, or similar kind of allergens, you need to read this blog post.

What if I say a major source of allergy is your house?


This can be a brutal truth.

We often blame the external factors for triggering an allergy, but it can be your house. There are multiple contributors to your house itself that can trigger an allergy. Let’s see in detail How To Eliminate Allergy Triggers in Your Home.

Major Allergy Triggers in Your House

1. Upholstery

This is the last thing someone thinks of as a source of allergens. Upholstery furniture accumulates dust, dirt, etc., which cause allergy. There are some bacteria, which may reside in your upholstery furniture, thus, regular upholstery cleaning is mandatory.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to reduce allergens in your house:

  • Make vacuuming part of your routine upholstery cleaning.
  • To keep stains and other allergens away, use a fabric protection solution. Make sure to read the manufacture’s warning before buying and applying it.
  • Take the help of a professional upholstery cleaning company annually and get it cleaned thoroughly. If you have pets or kids in your family, you need professional upholstery cleaning services quarterly.

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2. Carpets

Similar to upholstery, carpet faces a lot of traffic daily and thus, quickly builds up dirt, dust, and other allergic particles. All of these can cause allergy.

Follow the following tips:

  • At least once a week you must clean your carpet.
  • Use professional carpet cleaning services at least once in a quarter.
  • Take benefit of steam cleaning once a year to thoroughly clean all buildups from the carpet.

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3. Blinds And Curtains

Dust and allergens make their way into your house with air. This makes blinds and curtains ugly. This dirt can be a cause of allergy. Thus, cleaning blinds and curtains regularly is as important as regular curtain cleaning.

To stay safe, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Use blinds and curtains of colours match with your window.
  • Once a week, wipe blinds and dust curtains.
  • Biweekly or monthly, wash the curtains.

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4. HVAC System

One of the most favourite houses of allergens is your HVAC system. All allergic particles and bacteria can live in the HVAC system. Even worse, these allergens can get spread in the house with the airflow. Thus, cleaning an HVAC system is even more vital than upholstery cleaning.

Follow these tips to make your HVAC system clean and flow healthy air:

  • Clean it by using DIY hacks on a regular basis.
  • Change the air filters regularly. You can use the manufacture’s guide to get the right filters and replace them on time.
  • At least once in four to six months, call a professional company to clean your HVAC system.

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Keeping your house clean can help you get rid of allergens and live a healthy life.

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