How To Choose The Fabric Or Leather For Your Sofa


There are so many options available in the market when you decide to buy a sofa. You need to keep many things in mind while buying a sofa. One of the important questions faced by many is whether to buy a fabric or leather sofa.

Let’s explore the different factors that will help you choose the right type of sofa, which can become a style statement in the house without compromising comfort.

4 Tips to Choose Leather or Fabric for Your Sofa

1. Maintenance

Many people focus on comfort first, but maintenance needs to be the first thing to look for. Upholstery cleaning can become a tough job. Thus, choosing the one which makes a sofa cleaning job easier would definitely be the right choice.

Important facts related to the leather sofa:

  • More at risk to humidity and scratches
  • It is stain resistant, but you need to be gentle with your sofa cleaning job
  • Maintenance becomes difficult if you have kids or pets in the home

Important facts about fabric sofa:

  • Premium quality fabric is stain resistant
  • Sofa cleaning solutions are available at affordable rates
  • Even if you have pets or kids at home, you can maintain its beauty

2. Comfort

Definitely, comfort is important as much as ease of upholstery cleaning.

Must know facts about leather sofa:

  • It is firmer, which might not give comfort until it loosens
  • It quickly absorbs humidity, which makes it uncomfortable during humid days

Must know facts about fabric sofa:

  • Usually more comfortable
  • It does not absorb heat

3. Appearance

As mentioned earlier, your sofa can be your style statement. This is the reason often people choose a better-looking sofa even if sofa cleaning gets tougher. They prefer investing in a professional upholstery cleaning service and enjoy the elegance of the couch.

Must know facts about leather sofa:

  • It gives a classier and a sleek appearance to the living room.

Must-know facts about fabric sofa:

  • It gives a conventional look. However, there are some patterns and colors that can help you get a nearby look to the leather sofa. Of course, you cannot match exactly the same appearance as a leather sofa.

4. Cost

Last, but not the least, the factor to keep in mind while choosing a sofa is the cost. Here cost does not mean just the cost of the sofa.

The cost of the sofa is subjective to many things such as:

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Style
  • Professional upholstery cleaning cost
  • Cost of regular sofa cleaning at home
  • Cost of maintenance of the sofa
  • And more

Sometimes, the high-quality fabric is more expensive than a leather sofa and sometimes vice a verse.

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Buying a sofa is an important job and choosing between a leather or fabric sofa is a confusing job. You need to set priorities and accordingly, you will be able to make the right choice.

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