Is Scotchgard Safe and Necessary for Couch


Couch not only gives comfort, but it also gives a lavish look to your living room. Couches are expensive, which makes it necessary to take all the required steps to extend its life. Regular professional couch cleaning Melbourne is one of the things, you must do to keep your couches new alike and extend its life.

Along with sofa cleaning, there are also some additional steps you can take to protect couches and save time otherwise spent on stain cleaning. Scotchgard is one of the recommended protectors for couches.

What is Scotchgard?

  • It comes in a form of a spray.
  • Spraying it will help you resist stains and water from the couch as it is repellent. It protects couch from water and stains.

Is Scotchgard Safe for the Sofa?

According to one of the leading companies offering couch cleaning, Melbourne shared that people are more conscious about the use of Scotchgard. This increasing trend, of ensuring the couch protector is safe or not, is arisen because of the increasing use of chemicals in the protectors.  It can harm human and animals. Being safe is better than being sorry.

Similar to chemical-free sofa cleaning solutions, chemical-free and safe Scotchgard is also available. It is better to take suggestions from one of the reliable couch cleaning Melbourne companies.

Why you must use Scotchgard for the sofa?

1. Protect Couch from Stubborn Stains

  • The couch is one of the furniture, which is heavily used in the routine. Taking a sip of coffee and eating some meals on the sofa is not new or unusual.
  • This can increase the chances of accidental spills, which transform into stubborn stains.
  • The stain removal process is tough and often need professional sofa cleaning services.
  • By using Scotchgard, you can be relaxed as any spill or visible stain can be removed with a simple wipe out with a damped or dry cloth.

2. Don’t let the Dirt Settle Down on the Couch

  • Regular use and the open position of the couch often attract more dust and dirt. It does not take too long to pile up grime.
  • This can make your couch look ugly.
  • This increases the requirements of deep or steam cleaning of your couch at a more frequent interval.
  • On contrary to that, if you have guarded your couch with Scotchgard, then you can rest assured that, it will not let dirt and dust pile up on the surface. Weekly couch cleaning Melbourne with a vacuum cleaning will remove the dirt and dust.

3. Water-Resistant

  • Spillage of water, coffee, juice or any other liquid happens pretty often. If your couch absorbs the liquid, then it will not only leave stubborn stains, but it will also spread nasty odour.
  • Protecting your couch with Scotchgard will help in ensuring the spilled liquid can be addressed without letting it make its way into the fabric.

Using Scotchgard is advisable. Make sure to use service from a reliable sofa cleaning company to select and apply the right Scotchgard.

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