Sofa Cleaning Schedule and Its Importance to Preserve Shine

Sofa Cleaning

A sofa is the centrepiece of any house. It not only adds value to the appearance of your house, but it also adds value to the overall ambience. That is why keeping your sofa clean and hygienic becomes inevitable.

Sofa cleaning may seem an easy job and it might be the one. However, to get effective results, selecting the right method and time for couch cleaning Melbourne is necessary.

Read this blog further to know when the right time is and which method is right to clean your couch. Also, understand how sofa cleaning at the right time can preserve its original shine and extend its life.

1. Vacuum Cleaning

  • It should be part of your daily cleaning regime.
  • Sofa fabric often accumulates dust particles, debris, dead skin shells, pet hair, etc. on the surface. If it does not get cleaned, then it can make its way into the fabric roots. This will make it tough to bring back the shine after a regular cleaning round. You will need a professional upholstery cleaning service in Melbourne to bring back its shine.
  • By vacuum cleaning your couch daily or on an alternate day, you can maintain your sofa in good shape and reduce the cycle of professional couch cleaning.

2. Stain Removal Cleaning

  • Spills are common and often unavoidable. However, permanent stains are definitely avoidable.
  • As soon as you see the spill or stain, quickly clean it with the right DIY hacks. It means the right time to clean the stain is immediate. Of course, make sure you do not damage the fabric because of wrong selection of sofa cleaning agent or being too harsh while cleaning.
  • If one or two rounds of stain cleaning do not remove the stain, better to go for professional upholstery cleaning service in Melbourne that can remove the stain without hampering the fabric.

3. Deep Sofa Cleaning

  • Even if you clean your sofa daily or use the best DIY hacks to keep it clean and shiny, you cannot avoid the need for deep cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the couch using methods like hot water extraction, steam cleaning, etc. Depending on the condition of the couch, deep cleaning methods can be applied.
  • You can find videos and articles on each of these deep cleaning methods for couch cleaning Melbourne. However, you must use a professional upholstery cleaning service in Melbourne for deep cleaning.
  • The professionals will have the expertise, experience, and tools to effectively deep clean the couch, which you are less likely to have.
  • Deep cleaning will not only clean your couch, but it will also sanitize and deodorize it. Along with bringing back its shine, it will also extend its life.
  • The right interval of deep cleaning varies depending on factors like couch fabric, use, age, etc. Still, ideally, it is one or two times every six months.

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