DIY | Dry Cleaning Upholstery in 5 Steps

Dry Cleaning Upholstery

Who would like their furniture upholstery to be stained and dirty? Looking for Dry Cleaning Upholstery? Dirty and stained upholstery gives our guests a not-so-good impression. Who would explain to them how stubborn have these stains been? But do you know that your stain is not stubborn enough for upholstery cleaning services?

If you have a lot of time to spare and energy to give. Then, here are the steps to take to dry cleaning upholstery on your own as listen by our cleaning professionals.

5 Simple Steps Dry Cleaning Upholstery

Step 1: Vacuum Your Upholstery

The very first step is to vacuum your upholstery thoroughly, especially wherever you spot a stain. Vacuuming first will let you remove any loose dirt and dust which would make your spot look worse by getting smudged during the further cleaning process.

Step 2: Check Your Dry Cleaner

By this time it is safe to assume that you have gotten a dry cleaner of your choosing. You need to see whether this cleaner works on your upholstery or not. To see if there is no weird chemical reaction apply this dry cleaner on an inconspicuous area of your upholstery.

Step 3: Read The Directions Of Dry Cleaner

Each commercially available dry cleaner is slightly different because of its different manufacturing. It is advisable that you read the directions behind the bottle before you start cleaning. It is advisable to apply a small amount of cleaner to a cloth and then blot at the spot or stain with it topically onto the upholstery fabric. Do this, instead of applying directly onto the upholstery itself.

Step 4: Do Not Saturate The Upholstery

This fourth step may take a while, but blotting upholstery is the best method for dry cleaning upholstery. You should keep working at it, but make sure that you do not saturate the upholstery with too much solvent.

Step 5: Suck Up Solvent Portion

Blot up as much solvent as possible once the stain or spot is removed from your upholstery. You can not rinse out the solvent now that the stain is removed. Sometimes these solvents may leave a ring around the area it is applied to. To avoid this use will have to use a new, slightly damp cloth to suck up as much solvent as possible from the area and then to let it dry thoroughly.

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