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Find Sofa Cleaning services? Toms Upholstery Cleaning provides professional Sofa Dry Cleaning & Sofa Steam Cleaning Bayswater services. Contact today on 1300 068 194 for Same day Sofa Cleaning services.

With kids or pets or even with the regular use you know your upholstered furniture is not looking too good. Dust, germs, food crumbs, stains and blemishes give your sofas and upholstery a dull, unclean look. But now, you need not live with this unwholesome look. Toms Upholstery Cleaning Bayswater will provide you with thorough upholstery cleaning extending the life of your furniture.

We will send our team supervisor for inspecting the sofa before undertaking the job. Or we may give our quote based on the photo of the sofa set. Once we clean deep into the pores of your upholstery, you will be back to enjoying your renewed, refreshed furniture in no time. Our cleaning process for upholstered furniture is safe for your entire family and dries fast.

What our cleaning does is, the efficient cleaning agents we use work away at breaking up the dirt and grime trapped deep within the fibers of your upholstered furniture so they can be easily removed. Our cleaning method works perfectly with all types of upholstered furniture materials – whether they are made of leather, rexin or textile. We clean not only sofas, but also office chairs and other types of furniture.

Best Sofa Cleaning Company In Bayswater!

There are many sofa cleaning companies in Bayswater that can offer you decent sanitising of your domestic sofa. But what distinguishes Toms Sofa Cleaning Bayswater as best Upholstery Cleaners for Sofas from the rest of the companies in the cleaning industry is that we have an individual approach to each customer.

  • Our Sofa cleaners start with inspection of the sofa and test it to determine the exact type of material it is made of.
  • After that, we pre treat the most stubborn and oldest stains or dirty patches with the relevant stain removals.
  • Then we determine what type of a cleaning method to use: steam or dry sofa cleaning method.
  • We never leave a property with unfinished job, but carefully inspect the sofas for the last time to make sure that the dust is gone, spots are eliminated and the dirt is no longer a threat to your healthy domestic space.
  • Bad odour removal and natural risk free deodorising effect are also included in the price.
  • Upon request we can apply Scotchgard protector: it is a specially tailored firm product that adds an extra layer to the surface. The layer serves as a protective “coat” for the sofa against new stains and dust afterwards.

Professional Sofa Cleaners

Technicians who’ll assess every item before cleaning and select the best sofa cleaning technique and detergents or solvents in every case. So, no risk of damage from incorrect cleaning and the best possible chance of total stain removal.

The sofa cleaners are all well trained, vetted and insured. Your sofa is in safe hands and the perfect final outcome is guaranteed for you. Please, keep in mind that we accept all types of sofas : synthetic, wool, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, organic fiber, suede, plush, chenille, nubuck, leather and acrylic. We can help you out with any spot that bothers you : oily stains, paint, rust, blood, tea, coffee, vomit, wine.

Don`t hesitate, Book Toms Sofa Cleaning Bayswater, a trustworthy cleaning services today! Call us on this phone number 1300 068 194!

Whether it’s your sofas, armchairs or even your chaise longues that need freshening up, you can rely on Toms Sofa Cleaning services.

We are Proud to deliver customer satisfaction at every time with our professional sofa cleaning services!

1. Sofa Steam Cleaning

Our Sofa Steam Cleaning services with no fuss, maximum efficiency and the deepest cleaning available for your sofa and side chairs. You will get very good result by our expert sofa cleaners. We use modern tools and eco-friendly yet powerful detergents to bring new life to your old sofa.

Our Sofa Steam Cleaning Process

Our technicians will start by inspecting your sofa and couch to ensure that it’s suitable for a water based cleaning system. If necessary they’ll test the fabric to make sure there’s no risk of colour run or shrinkage.

  • The fabric is vacuum cleaned to open up the pile and remove loose debris
  • Stained or especially dirty areas are pre-treated with a detergent suited to the type of staining
  • The whole piece of furniture is cleaned and then the water, along with the dirt is extracted by suction
  • Your cleaner will advise you on the likely drying time. This depends on the fabric and the environmental conditions of the room in which the cleaning takes place.

Book Sofa Steam Cleaning Services

Sofa Steam Cleaning couldn’t be easier. Call us anytime on 1300 068 194, We will be delighted to answer any questions you have and give you a free quote for sofa cleaning with no obligation or you can fill our Inquiry form.

2. Sofa Dry Cleaning

You are looking for quickly refresh your sofa and clean delicate fabrics which won’t withstand water based cleaning. Contact Toms Sofa Dry Cleaning services on 1300 068 194, we clean your home and office sofa at affordable price.

Toms Upholstery Cleaning technicians will inspect the fabric of your sofa and any stains or marks on it to determine the best combination of solvents to provide sofa dry cleaning.

Our Sofa Dry Cleaning Process Australia

Solvent Dry Cleaning:

  • A dry solvent is applied, when the sofa is delicate: 100% natural or decorated.
  • This is a non moisture cleaning operation that hides no risk of tearing or damaging your luxurious sofas.
  • These products are powerful yet safe on fabrics and non-toxic.
  • Solvents are applied to the fabric under pressure then extracted by suction.

Foam Dry Cleaning:

  • We firstly vacuum clean your sofa, then pre-treated to loosen dirt.
  • Foam is applied, allowed to dry then removed by a vacuum cleaner.
  • It takes around an hour for fabrics cleaned by this method to dry and be ready for use.

Stain removal with hazard free and organic detergents. All of the cleaning tools and products we apply are 100% safe, certified and tested.

Why Toms Sofa Cleaning Bayswater?

If you want to keep your home upholstery clean, fresh, nice smelling and healthy for the whole family, you definitely need a reliable sofa cleaning Bayswater company by your side! It is a guarantee for perfect hygiene and ideal environment for the kids to play, for the pets to shed as much as they want, because later someone will clean their hairs off! This is why we strongly recommend you lean on us! Toms Sofa Cleaning Bayswater has the right formula for proper sofa maintenance. And besides the cleanliness, we also provide full restoration, better colour brightness, softness improvement and future protection against stains and dust!

We also promise all of these cleaning and customer oriented benefits to enjoy:

  • Providing maintenance and cleaning of every sofa type
  • Eco-friendly cleaning – included in the price
  • Competitive, affordable and fixed rates
  • No hidden charges, no deposits in advance

Keep your living space more welcoming, convenient and hygienic by reducing the dust and grime coming from the upholstery! Forget about doing the whole housekeeping chores on your own and let the professionals handle the upholstery cleaning. The diligent and talented sofa cleaners are available for you 365 days per year with no exceptions for holidays or weekends. Use this phone number 1300 068 194 at any convenient for you time to get more details!

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