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Upholstery Cleaning & Sofa Cleaning Services

Toms is one of the best upholstery cleaning service companies that offers full cleaning and protection services to keep your home clean and healthy. We also offer steam extraction services for carpets, curtains, sofas, chairs and couches that are prone to hiding dust within them. Couches and sofas are where your kids or pets lay down after a tough day at school or fun play outside in the backyard. So, we at Toms keep your cleaning worries at bay by keeping your furniture dust free, hygienic and refreshed through our steam based sofa cleaning services.

At Toms, we understand dry cleaning is stressful and time consuming. So our experienced upholstery cleaners ensure that each corner of your furniture like sofa, chairs, couches and fabric is clean and looks good as new. Our professionals have a keen eye on the places where nasty dust, germs, worms, food and pen stains, whether dark or light are playing around your walls, furniture and fabrics. We clean from anything to everything that helps you with the health, safety and aesthetics for your family and staff.

Toms cleaning company offers the best in class customer experience to all of our customers, whether residential or commercial. We keep a track of the upholstery cleaning cycles for your home as well as your office since it’s imperative that cleaning gets done on a regular basis. During our first cleaning visit, looking at your furniture and amount of cleaning required, we suggest the next due steam cleaning cycle. Based on your availability, our team then schedules up the next cleaning cycle.

At Toms, we take pride in offering quality steam sofa cleaning services that bring life to your old furniture and retain the same value that it had when you first bought it. Our cleaning staff is highly trained, qualified and comprises of experienced technicians who handle and safeguard your furniture with tender love and care.

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Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Toms Upholstery Cleaning offers guaranteed satisfaction with our best in the industry Upholstery Cleaning services. We provide superior cleaning service for your upholstered furniture including, but not limited to Sofa, Dining chair and Couch Cleaning Melbourne. We are the most renowned upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne catering both residential and commercial clients.

Upholstery Cleaning Process:

Upholstery Cleaning endeavors state-of-the-art quality upholstery cleaning service with its team of highly skilled and qualified Upholstery Cleaners. Our cleaning staff will follow the below mentioned process to assure the best cleaning and immaculate results:

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Preparation
  • Pre-Vacuum
  • Pre-Treat
  • Pre-Spot
  • Pre-Groom
  • Soil Extraction and Rinse
  • Neutralize
  • Upholstery Steam Cleaning
  • Dry cleaning Upholstery
  • Post Stain Removal
  • Post Groom
  • Speed Dry
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection

Furthermore, our cleaning process includes sanitization to remove unhealthy bugs from your upholstered furniture. Our Upholstery Cleaners assure we clean stains and spots from the root and use the cleaning material according to the fabric of your upholstered furniture.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Professional Upholstery cleaning service will make your old upholstered furniture look brand new with its advanced and Professional Upholstery Cleaning. We use the best technology, modern methodology and unbeatable customer service. We provide the best upholstery cleaning service for both, indoor and outdoor upholstered furniture. We take extra care to keep your expensive furniture stay beautiful and undamaged. Our team caters domestic and commercial upholstery cleaning service needs with high quality outcomes. We are renowned for our Professional Upholstery Cleaning service and our services are available for all different types of upholstered furniture. Below is a quick list of professional upholstery cleaning service offered by us:

  • Sofa cleaning
  • Dining chair cleaning
  • Couch cleaning
  • Leather upholstery cleaning
  • Suede armchair cleaning
  • Lounge cleaning
  • And more

Areas We Cater To with Our Upholstery Cleaning, Couch Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning and Dining Chair Cleaning Services:

Toms Upholstery Cleaning service is available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane cities of Australia. You can take benefit of our superior quality services within 24 hours by just giving us a call at 1300 068 194.

Top Benefits and Major Reasons to Use Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Worn out or dirty furniture can create a feeling of disgust in you and your visitors. You don’t need to replace it. You just need to call the Toms Upholstery Cleaning team today to get a brand new look of it with our upholstery cleaning service. Also, enjoy a whole pool of benefits with our advanced Upholstery Cleaning service. Here are the top reasons and benefits that make us the best upholstery cleaners in Australia:

  • Get same day upholstery cleaning
  • Best upholstery cleaning process
  • Friendly, Highly qualified and certified upholstery cleaners
  • We use eco-friendly upholstery cleaners
  • Cost effective service
  • 100% dirt and stain removal
  • Sanitization process
  • And more

What to Expect From Upholstery Cleaners?

Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has a staff of certified technicians who have years of experience taking care of upholstered furniture with highly advanced and eco-friendly cleaning service. Once you book our service, you don’t need to worry about anything; our team will take care of a complete process and finish the job within a day. You will get benefited with following quality of service provided by Toms Upholstery Cleaners:

  • Systematic cleaning process
  • Best tools and cleaning material usage
  • Couch cleaner according to fabric and stain
  • Allergens Elimination
  • Enhanced Appearance of your upholstered furniture
  • Guaranteed results of sofa cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Happy to assist you nature of the team
  • And more


Q: Can you provide upholstery cleaning service on the same day of booking?

A: We provide same day cleaning service for your upholstered furniture. You don’t need to wait long at all. Our certified upholstery cleaner will cater your need of sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, dining chair cleaning and other upholstered furniture dusting and cleaning service on the same day of booking.

Q: What type of commercial upholstered furniture cleaning service you offer?

A: We have been offering upholstery cleaning service to offices for more than 10 years. Our commercial upholstered furniture cleaning services clean all different types of upholstered furniture at office such as, sofa, dining chair, couch, etc.

Q: What type of Upholstery Cleaning material and tools do you use?

A: We provide natural upholstery cleaning service to assure the upholstered furniture doesn’t get damaged by chemicals. To assure the best quality of service, we use eco-friendly upholstery cleaning material and tools.

Q: Do you have certified upholstery cleaners?

A: Yes, our technicians are certified and highly skilled with 10 years of experience in upholstery cleaning.

Q: How Do We Contact Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne?

A: All you need to do is dial 1300 068 194 and we will be at your service.


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