Surprisingly You Are Ruining Your Couch with These Habits

upholstery surprisingly you are ruining your couch with these habits

The couch is one of the expensive pieces of furniture in a house. It is necessary to maintain it in good shape with professional sofa cleaning and using it correctly. Many homeowners ruin their sofa with some silly mistakes.

You must know these common habits that are ruining your couch:

1. Sitting in the Same Spot

  • Humans tend to choose their favourite spot to sit on a couch and if you are doing the same, you are not doing something unusual.
  • However, sitting in the same spot increases the wear and tear of that spot.
  • Avoid this habit and sit in different spots of the couch to distribute weight equally to reduce wear and tear.

2. Not Cleaning The Couch Regularly

  • Whether due to low traffic or due to no time, many homeowners skip routine couch cleaning with simple cleaning solutions or just a vacuum cleaner.
  • This habit can ruin your sofa.
  • You must vacuum clean your couch at least twice a week.

3. Over-Cleaning a Couch

  • Some homeowners over-clean their couch, which actually increases wear and tear by pulling the fabric surface.
  • If you are seeing a stain, you must spot treat the stain instead of applying a couch cleaning hack on the entire couch.

4. Not Using a Professional Sofa Cleaning

  • Experts use high-end tools and cleaning solutions to deep clean the couch.
  • Professional sofa cleaning includes deep cleaning to kill and remove all pollutants from the surface and fabric roots of the couch.
  • A clean looking couch can be filthy inside and need professional couch cleaning to extend its lifespan.

5. Expose It To Direct Sunlight

  • One of the major mistakes anyone can make is putting it on a sofa where it gets exposed to direct sunlight.
  • UV rays emitted from the sun can cause discolouration and wear and tear.

6. Using Wrong Cleaning Methods

  • There are hundreds of DIY couch cleaning hacks available on the web that can produce results similar to professional sofa cleaning.
  • However, all cleaning methods are not suitable for all types of couch fabric.
  • The wrong cleaning method can ruin your couch.
  • Before trying any random couch cleaning method, you must read the manufacturer warning to know what can be used to clean your couch.
  • You must also run a patch test to see the effect of a cleaning solution and method if trying for the first time.

7. Jumping or Sleeping On The Couch

  • The couch is very comfortable and you are likely to fall asleep on it. But, if you are doing it repetitively, you are ruining your couch.
  • If your kids are jumping on the couch, they are throwing their weight on the couch, which can result in squeak development.

Concluding Notes

In conclusion, our habits are likely to damage an expensive piece of furniture. It is necessary to know what can ruin your sofa, whether it is the wrong couch cleaning technique or the way you use it. Knowing and changing these wrong habits can help you extend the life of your couch.

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