How to Sanitize Upholstery for COVID19?

Sanitize Upholstery

With the increasing threat of the Coronavirus, it becomes necessary to change house cleaning routines. The most used and touched items need to be cleaned more often. In fact, mere cleaning is not sufficient. You further need to sanitize upholstery.

Upholstered furniture is where most of the time is spent when we are in the house. Thus, you must know the best way of sanitizing upholstery.  Adding sanitization in your upholstery cleaning routine will help you reduce the risk of COVID 19 infection.

There are multiple ways to sanitize your upholstery furniture. You can make a sanitizer at home or get an off the shelve one.

DIY Hack To Make Sanitizer At Home:

Items Needed:

  • A spray bottle
  • Half cup of water
  • Half cup of Vodka
  • Few drops of lemon juice or essential oil with fragrance of your choice
  • Vacuum cleaner

Make Upholstery Sanitizer:

  • Add water and vodka into a spray bottle.
  • Shake bottle gently to mix both water and vodka.
  • Add essential oil of the fragrance you like or a few drops of lemon juice into the solution and mix it well by shaking the bottle gently.

Vodka is a natural sanitizer. Moreover, it is light on the fabric which makes it perfect for the sanitization process. We use the essential oil or lemon juice drops for deodorization to remove bad smell. It is optional.

Ready To Use Disinfectant For Sanitizing Upholstery:

If you do not want to use a homemade sanitizer for upholstery cleaning and sanitizing, you can buy a disinfectant. You can find it in any store. Make sure to read the upholstery manufacturer warning to know which kind of disinfectant is safe for sanitizing upholstery before buying the one.

Essential Home Cleaning Tips to Combat Coronavirus Spread

Method For Upholstery Cleaning And Sanitization:

  • Wear a mask and gloves to be safe during the process.
  • Remove excessive and visible soil, dust, debris, and other impurities with regular upholstery cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spray the sanitizer on a hidden part of the furniture for spot testing. It can be a corner or the backside of the furniture. If upholstery is not hurt, you are ready for sanitizing upholstery completely.
  • Generously spray the disinfectant on the upholstery furniture

You are done.

This guide of cleaning and sanitizing upholstery will help you minimize the risk of the Coronavirus. The frequency of sanitizing upholstery depends on its use. For example, the armrest of upholstery should be sanitized daily with a disinfectant or homemade sanitizer. The areas which are not touched too frequently could be sanitized once a week. Upholstery cleaning should be done daily or on an alternate day.

It is also advisable to use a professional service for sanitizing upholstery (subject to availability in your area due to the COVID 19 pandemic). The professional upholstery cleaners have better tools and disinfectants that thoroughly clean and sanitize all upholstered furniture to make them completely safe.

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