How to Extract Upholstery Spots to Make it Sanitized and Spotless?

Extract Upholstery Spots

Upholstered furniture is used to relax and rejuvenate the lives of family members. It is necessary that upholstered furniture is clean and hygienic, so everyone can enjoy their time at home. The clean upholstery also assures the good health of the family. Regular upholstery cleaning helps in removing dust and dirt from the furniture. However, it cannot extract upholstery spots effectively. Fret not.  I am going to share some useful tips to perform successful spot extraction from your upholstery.

4 Best Tips To Extract Upholstery Spots

1. Commence With Vacuuming

The outer surface of furniture easily collects dust on it. If you start performing upholstery spot cleaning without performing vacuuming, then it may block your way by accumulating excessive dust on the surface. Thus, it is necessary to remove the dust from the spot before start performing the upholstery cleaning process.

2. Select The Cleaning Solution Vigilantly

If your upholstery is washable, you can use water directly for spot extraction to remove fresh stains. However, if spots are stubborn or your upholstery is not washable, then you can use any DIY upholstery spot cleaning solutions such as vinegar, alcohol, lime water, etc. There are many guides available to perform effective spot extraction. However, you need to check the furniture guidelines first to make sure that your furniture is not sensitive to some specific upholstery cleaning solution.

Top 5 Ways To Get Old Stains Out Of Upholstery

3. Test First

If you are performing upholstery spot cleaning for the first time, then you need to test it on a smaller portion of your upholstery. You must test the upholstery cleaning solution in an area that is not viewable such as behind the couch. This is performed to assure you are not using something that is not suitable for your upholstery fabric.

4. Apply Steam On The Spots

You can use steam cleaning to easily handle and eradicate the spots with ease. You can use your iron with steam function to perform a steam cleaning. However, be careful because more temperature can hurt the fabric.

These are the top 4 tips to handle spots with an effective upholstery spot cleaning method. If you are doing the upholstery cleaning for the first time, make sure to be cautious.

If after this process of spot extraction, you see stains or spots, then you better call the professional upholstery cleaning company. The company will have expert engineers that will have the required expertise to deal with the spots and remove them without hurting the fabric or appearance of your upholstered furniture.

Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is renowned for its impressive results and fabric-friendly spot extraction. The certified cleaning engineers first inspect the spots and the fabric of the upholstery and based on it, use the best upholstery spot cleaning method. To know more about the upholstery spot cleaning service of Toms Upholstery Cleaning, call on 1300 068 194

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