How To Clean Upholstery after your pet has an accident on it?

Pet Stain removing

Pet Stain removing from Upholstery is one of the trickiest and difficult upholstery cleaning activity and Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne sincerely recommend you to seek professional help when there has been an accident on your furniture upholstery by your lovely little pets.

Even though Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne provide on-site same day services across Melbourne, there is something that you can do to minimize the damage that could otherwise be caused.

Pet Stain Removing from Upholstery

How to clean Pet Poop?

The most experienced member of Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne says, “if you let the pet poop stay for overnight or even for an hour or two, the stains will be almost impossible to remove. The difficulty that will be caused by the removal of pet poop stains and odour also highly depends on the material type of your upholstery.” cleaning expert continues, “if your upholstery is of leather or faux leather than the poop will no seep deeper between the cohesion of the upholstery and it will be super easy to clean, but if you have any upholstery material other than leather than you are in big trouble because the poop and odour seeps into the fabric easily.” He advises the following solution before the professional cleaners arrive.

“The important point to first take notice of is to remove the moisture of the excrement, grab as many tissue or toilet paper as you reckon necessary and pile them gently over the poop. Make sure you do not press the poop as that would stain the upholstery deeper.

Now pick up as much as you can.” He advises that one can either leave it at there and wait for professionals to arrive but if the odour is unbearable or guests are yet to come you may have to clean it. He cautions, “This would be the time you may have the urge to rub it off with liquid commercial cleaner, but that would only mess things up more and make things difficult for the professional cleaners otherwise. So avoid using a liquid enzyme cleaner just get a huge damp cloth and put it on the stain, that will do the necessary work.”

How To Clean Pet Urine

The senior official cleaner at Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne suggests that to remove urine stains and odour is not a layman’s task. He says, “People undermine the damage urine can cause to their furniture. Urine is acidic in nature and it has corrosive properties, once your pet has peed on the furniture you’re more or less done. The upholstery sucks the pee up very soon and the acidic nature of the pee starts damaging the furniture instantly.”

So what is the way out we ask, “Cleaner says there’s hardly any other option than to get professional help as when it comes to urine, all Upholstery Cleaning Methods are useless? All you can do is prevent those lovely furry faces to not climb up the bed, sofas, and couches. If you have not to potty train your dogs and cats yet you might want to cover your fabric with a layer of plastic.” But if your upholstery has been peed or pooped on you may want to get it treated professionally or buy new furniture altogether.” He clarifies, “I am not saying this for ulterior profit it is just how things are.”

To get same day, onsite Upholstery Cleaning Services call Toms Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne on 1300 068 194.

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