How Pets Transmit Germs on Your Couch?

pet transmit germs on couch

Pets are treated as family members in many houses. They have the liberty to sit and roll over couch, bed, etc. It is good to be a pet lover, but you must be extra attentive to cleanliness. Your pets can transmit germs on your upholstery, mattress, etc. Therefore, knowing how it happens and what sofa cleaning or prevention steps can be taken can help you be safe and healthy.

1. Dander

  • Similar to humans, pet also leaves dead skin cells, dander here and there.
  • Pets shake themselves frequently, which drop more quantity of dead skin cells.
  • Dead skin cells and dander are a favourite food of dust mites. Dust mites are so tiny that you cannot see them directly. However, they can make you sick.
  • Therefore, regular sofa cleaning is necessary to take off the dander from your couch.

2. Pet Hair and Dander

  • If you have a furry pet, then it is more likely to drop hair as well. Pets drop more hair while shaking themselves.
  • Hair can be travel air and get circulated in your house by your HVAC system.
  • It can trigger major respiratory issues such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc.
  • If someone already has any respiratory issue, then it can be more dangerous.
  • Pet hair also attracts bacteria and germs, which can cause allergy.
  • Therefore, if you have furry friends, you must increase the frequency of sofa cleaning. You can vacuum clean sofa in routine.

3. Microbes

  • Pets can carry microbes on their body. These microbes get dropped on the couch when they sit over there as microbes transmit from the pet body to the couch.
  • As pets run over all four legs and their nails are long. Their nails also can accumulate some bacteria and germs.
  • Microbes are tiny and difficult to see.
  • Regular sofa cleaning might not remove them from the couch and danger of sickness stay high.
  • You need a professional couch cleaning in Melbourne to thoroughly clean the couch as well to disinfect it.

4. Urinate and Poop

  • Pets are living animals just like humans. Therefore, they also eat and drink as well as urinate and poop.
  • To prevent them from urinating on your sofa, you must make sure that you train them. Many pet trainers train pets to go outside to the toilet.
  • Even after that, if your pet urinates or poops on your couch, then you better do a quick sofa cleaning with a DIY hack and call professionals as soon as possible. DIY cleaning will definitely prevent it gets absorbed into the fibre of the couch. However, it is necessary to get the couch cleaned by a reliable company.
  • Experts of couch cleaning in Melbourne will not only clean the stain, but they will also disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the couch.

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