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House Cleaning Melbourne

Does your home feel dull, and lifeless? Are you and your kids feeling low unreasonably? Want to pour the life in your damp and dull homes and havens without spending heftily on new interiors, revamped furniture or expensive installations? Well, you can just get your spaces cleaned and rejuvenated with our certified in-local cleaning services.

Preferred house cleaning services in Melbourne because of the following reasons:

  1. We are easy to book and reach out to and you can always avail free quote.
  2. Toms Upholstery Cleaning provide holistic house cleaning melbourne like floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet cleaning, air ducts cleaning, difficult to access areas, etc.
  3. Our staff is certified and has “National Police Check.”
  4. We follow color coding cloth system to prevent cross-contamination.
  5. Use high-end cleaning products and never compromise with quality and workmanship.
  6. Our staff would make sure that you are completely satisfied before leaving your premises.
  7. Awesome after care support team and policies, contact for free quote

If you happen to choose us as your cleaning service providers from all local cleaning services Melbourne, given under are the itemised list of all the house cleaning services we provide.

House Cleaning Melbourne

Floor Cleaning Services:

Our floor cleaning experts will give clean your floors off the stubborn stains and rust marks. We polish your floors to give them their original texture back no matter what the flooring type: Marble, Timber, Bamboo, Linoleum, Any Polished stone or concrete, Rubber, Cork, etc. Our intelligent tools make sure to not leave an inch or niche uncleaned.

Carpets and Rugs Cleaning Services:

We use powerful vacuums and air blowers, specially designed brushes to get your rugs and carpets clean. Our high end detergents help remove unremovable stains. We help them regain their softness and they’d surely make your feet feel at a vacation.

Aromatizing Interiors

Why not treat your sense smell the way you treat the others? We identify the source and remove long lasting odor from your property. We do not add the heavy synthetic fragrance as an overlap to the odors lingering in your property like other local cleaning services in Melbourne; we deodorize and disinfect first and aromatize the air and make it more breathable.

Bedroom Bugs Cleaning Services:

If bed bugs have been keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, you need our local house cleaning services and we will get them all removed. We will also provide you with techniques and materials that will help you keep them at bay in future.

Difficult-To-Access Areas Cleaning Services:

Along with drawers, shelves, chests and cupboards we clean all the otherwise difficult to reach places and surfaces in your property, our highly skilled staff’s’ workmanship and their knowledge around the tools will not let any hook or niche of your property that you’ve struggled so hard to clean, go uncleaned.

Oven And BBQ Cleaning Services:

We would absolutely want you to continue BBQing in your backyard every weekend, our experts will remove the excess grease and grime, disassemble and wash and all your plates, grills and screws, and polish it to make it look as good as new. Our cleaning services will elongate your oven’s and BBQ’s life.

Window Cleaning Services:

Nobody likes a stained window. We would make your windows as clear as water from both inside and outside to give you the best visibility and let sunlight pour in all its might. Along with windows we also clean: Window seals, Skylights, French doors, Fly screens, Venetian blinds, Bay windows, Solar panels, Balcony glass balustrade and Pool fencing balustrade.

Upholstery Cleaning Services:

We use the best in class solvent based cleaners, to give your sofa, chair, curtain, vehicle interior, upholstery furniture a revival. We make them dust free and give them back their lost lustre, colour and texture. We clean all kinds of upholstery: fabric, leather, suede, non-waterproof and water resilient.

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Gutter Cleaning Services:

We recommend our customers that they get their properties gutter and sewage systems cleaned once every two to four years. Our elaborate cleaning services will keep your gutters from overflowing, leaking, blockage, outbreaks of insects, unpleasant odor and also save you from recurring damage repairing or maintenance costs.

Air Duct and Vents Cleaning Services:

Air Ducts cleaning is one of the most complicated chore to do and thus also the least preferred ones to be DIY-ed. We recommend our customers to get air vents and ducts cleaned every one to two years. Unclean air ducts can cause breathing problems and other health problems for kids. Our quick and efficient staff will make your air more breathable along with the ducts.

Suburbs we serve Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne:

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Call us at 0415 887 268 to avail our best in class local cleaning services at your convenience.

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