Can You Clean Upholstery with a Carpet Cleaner?

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Upholstery cleaning is a tough job and that is why often people choose to let a professional do the job. However, what about the day to day cleaning. You can’t call a professional upholstery cleaning company daily. Here is the DIY tip for you. You can clean your upholstery with the same machine that you use for the carpet cleaning. Yes, you guessed right, the carpet cleaner is actually both, upholstery and carpet cleaner regardless of the fact what its name says. Let me briefly share the top 4 upholstery items that you can clean with a carpet cleaner:

Top 4 Upholstery Items That You Can Clean With A Carpet Cleaner

1. Car Upholstery

To clean the car floor and seats, you can use the carpet cleaner. If your carpet cleaning machine has a long cord, or if it is a portable one, then it can be perfectly used to for car upholstery cleaning. The carpet cleaner will make you reach difficult to reach areas and clean them such as, under the seats. You can also clean cushions and seats to make them cleaner and hygienic with the carpet cleaning machine.

2. Curtains

The carpet cleaning machine comes with the hand tools which let you reach each part of the curtain. You can clean your house or office curtains with the portable cleaner, as and when needed. Make sure to be gentle and use the correct cords for the curtain cleaning.

3. Mattresses

The mattresses are house of mold, dead skin and hair of humans, fur and hair of pets, dust mites and sometime food and urine as well. We all spend a significant amount of time in bed, on the mattress and that is why its cleanliness and hygiene is of the highest importance. The carpet cleaning machine with a careful use can be a good option for mattress cleaning. Make sure that you are not over saturating the mattress in the cleaning process.  You can clean both sides of the mattress, but of course, clean one side of the mattress first, let it be dry and then go to the other side.

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4. Furniture Upholstery

As I mentioned earlier, the carpet cleaner is actually an upholstery and carpet cleaner and that is why it can be used to clean the furniture upholstery in your house or office. While performing upholstery cleaning for furniture, use the right cleaning solution according to the fabric of your furniture. Also, let your furniture get dry to avoid mildew growth and mold spores in it. The carpet cleaning machine will clean stains, molds, hair, dust, etc. from your furniture and make it look good and hygienic.

These are the top 4 upholstery items which you can actually clean with the carpet cleaner.

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